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Allergy Clinic
Accident and Emergency
Breast Clinic
Dental and Orthodontics
General & Gastrointestinal Surgery
Gynecology & Obstetrics
Internal Medicine
Minimal Access Surgery
Pathology & Laboratory
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
Radiology & Imaging
Emergency Care
This department of our hospital provides the service of General Practitioners and also Emergency services round the clock. It is manned by a team of well experienced multinational male and female doctors to cater to the requirements of our clientele from various nationalities. Doctors and staff are fluent both in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Telgu, Malyalam, Tagalog, Pastu,Farsi and English. This creates better doctor-patient relationship resulting in superior patient care.

Fully updated and having sound knowledge of medical science the team provides comprehensive general health care with due emphasis on curative and preventive medicine. Medical and surgical emergencies are promptly and efficiently attended to at the clinic.

House visits by General Practitioners, Specialists and Ambulance services with a doctor in attendance are provided on request at a short notice.

The Emergency Department deals with all kinds of surgical and medical cases from minor to critical ill patients. It receives Head and Spine Injuries, Stroke (CVA), Acute Abdomen, Biliary and Renal Lesions, Pediatric Emergencies, Syncopal Attacks, Epilepsy, Bronchial Asthma, Critical Chest Lesions, Acute Myocardial Infarctions, Unstable Angina, Arrhythmia, and all other Cardiac problems.
Emergency Services Offered 24/7 (24 HOURS, 7 Days a week)
• Ambulance Services
• In house- Pharmacy
• General Practitioner
• Radiology and Pathology staff on site for emergency investigations/ procedures
• On-call Specialist/Consultant service to provide emergency consultation/ treatment/ surgery
• Direct settlement with all major insurance companies