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Dr. Mustafa Kutiyanawala
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Dr. Mustafa Kutiyanawala
Dr. Mustafa Kutiyanawala
Name : Dr. Mustafa AkbarAli Kutiyanawala
Degree : MBBS, MS ,FRCS(Ed) FRCS(General Surgery, Diploma in Pediatric Surgery (London University) CCST in General Surgery
Specialization : General Surgeon
CPH Department : Director, Breast Clinic, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery.
Nationality : British
Languages Spoken : English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi
Professional Experience:
Post graduation - Four years at Nair Hospital, Bombay with MS from Bombay University

One year in Pediatric Surgery at Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London with Diploma in Pediatric Surgery from London University.

Completed CCST in General Surgery- Intercollegiate Board following Specialist Registrar rotation in Leicester University Hospital, Uk

Seven years as Consultant General Surgeon at Fairfield General Hospital, Bury, Lancashire(NHS) and Highflield Hospital (Private Practice) in Britain (2000 to 2007)

Working in Central Private Hospital, Sharjah for over five years.

  • Breast Cancer- Advances. Dubai Hospital. Dubai . October 2005
  • Mediastinal Goitre. Rashid Hospital, Dubai. October 2005
  • Breast Cancer in the Young. Arab Health- Surgery Symposium. January 2009.
  • Preventing Breast Cancer. Arab Health- Surgery Symposium. January 2010.
  • Mirizzi Syndrome- A trap for the unwary Surgeon during laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. . Arab Health- Surgery Symposium. January 2011
  • Kutiyanawala, M.A., McGann G.M., Massey C.I. - A Comparison Study of Surgical and Radiological Insertion of Venous Access Devices.  East Midlands Surgical Society, Spring, 1995.
  • Kutiyanawala M A, Lloyd D. Temperature changes in the region of the common bile duct during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. East Midlands Surgical Society, Autumn 1995
  • Kutiyanawala M A, Sayed M, Stotter A, WindleR, Rew D. A study of axillary dissection in Leicestershire. East Midlands Surgical Society, Autumn 1996.Kutiyanawala M A, Sayed M,Stotter A,Windle R, Rew D. How  many nodes? A one year clinical audit of axillary dissection in the Leicester Breast Unit. Presentation at 5th International Breast Cancer Conference at Nottingham. Sept 1997.
  • Kutiyanawala M A, Scott ADN. Diathermy haemorrhoidectomy.Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland. Annual meeting. Video Presentation. St Helier, Jersey.June 1998
  • Kutiyanawala M A, Scott AND, Jameson J. The morbidity of defunctioning loop ileostomy. Poster presentation atAssociation of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland. Annual Scientific meeting. Brighton. May 1999
  • Kutiyanawala M A, Scott ADN. Sphincter repair.Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland. Annual meeting. Video Presentation. Southport 1999
  • Kutiyanawala M A, Everson NW, Watkin D, Hemingway D. Bed usage in a surgical ward: A prospective audit. Poster presentation at Clinical Effectiveness Conference. Leicester Royal Infirmary. July 1999
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  11. Josephina Vossen, Manon Buijs, Labiq Syed, Fatima Kutiyanwala, Mustafa Kutiyanwala, Jean-Francois Geschwind, Mustafa Vali .Development of a new orthotopic animal model of metastatic liver cancer in the rabbit VX2 model: effect on metastases after partial hepatectomy, intra-arterial treatment with 3-bromopyruvate and chemoembolization.  .Clin Exp Metastasis. 2008 Jul 23;: 18649116 (P,S,G,E,B,D)
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Professional Memberships:

Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland
(Council member as Trainee representative for 1998- 1999)
British Medical Association
British Association of Surgical Oncology
Medical Defence Union