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Radiology & Imaging
At Central Private Hospital, we have invested heavily in the department of imaging, a high priority service, recognising, adopting and putting to work the worlds latest developments in Diagnostic Equipment & Techniques.

The Imaging department is managed by committed radiologists working `round-the-clock’ during emergency


The Open MRI system acquired by the hospital is the best of its kind in the UAE.
An advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging system is the hospital proud possession. The open MRI armed with a powerful magnet and advanced software enables scanning of brain, spinal cord with a high degree of accuracy & clarity.

It gives exquisite details of the brain and the spinal cord anatomy, which was never seen before, thus helping in making accurate diagnosis. An 'open' MRI completely eliminates patient claustrophobia and offers greater image detail. The fear of being 'closed' - which many patients suffer from, is therefore removed, making the MRI extremely user-friendly. Not surprisingly, while doctors conveniently receive the information required for an accurate diagnosis, the patient stays relaxed.


The 3 Dimensional CT SCAN in Central Private Hospital, provides coverage, speed, power and resolution, which enables physicians to capture images of the body in few seconds – something which no other CT system can offer.

Special Features:
• Non- Invasive evaluation of blood vessels (angiographies); both peripheral & coronary arteries.
• Coronary CT Angiography in 15 mins.
• Whole body CT in few minutes with sub-millimeter resolution.
• All the 3 critical causes of acute chest pain, namely Coronary Artery Disease, Pulmonary Embolism and Aortic dissection, can be ruled out in a single non-invasive procedure.
• Rapid examination of blood vessels in the brain including perfusion studies enabling doctors to make a quick diagnosis of stroke and extent of damage.
• High resolution fast imaging of any body region with exquisite multiplanar reconstructions.
• Excellent 3-D reconstruction of bones and other structures showing detailed anatomy, free of artefacts.
• Option of 3-D virtual scopy in various parts such as virtual colonoscopy,bronchoscopy & laryngoscopy.

Our high-tech mammography machine is capable of diagnosis of minute lesions and with its stereo tactic attachment it is also possible to take a fine needle biopsy from this minute lesion.
A dedicated peripheral vascular doppler machine is a real boon to department of imaging. Colour Doppler is a useful and non invasive screening tool.
This state-of-the-art equipment armed with multiple probes can do carotid, peripheral vascular, renal, small parts and gynaecological doppler studies.
A modern digital fluoroscopy machine has been installed. All specialized fluoroscopic procedures and barium studies can be performed on this efficient x-ray machine.

A sophisticated new ultrasound machine is used to perform routine ultrasound studies as well as vascular colour doppler and musculo-skeletal imaging. We are one of the few hospitals in Sharjah offering 3D obstetric ultrasound imaging. It is possible to image the unborn baby's face while still in the womb.

The x-rays are performed digitally instead of using the conventional film method. This modern digital radiography system requires less radiation. It is safer for the patient and better quality imaging is possible.
Radiology & Imaging department headed by following Doctors
Dr Mohammad Abdullah Khan   Dr. Ahmed Fathi Nasef   Dr. Saabh Ismail Al-khateeb    
Dr Mohammad Abdullah Khan   Dr. Amna Bano Jamali   Dr. Saabh Ismail Al-khateeb    
Specialist Radiologist   Radiologist   Specialist Radiologist    
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