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Allergy Clinic
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Allergy Clinic
Allergic Diseases are very common and their incidence is increasing. Allergic diseases can affect almost any organ in the body (eyes, nose, skin, lungs and the digestive system).

They vary from mild to serious ones even lead to sudden death as is seen in drug allergy, insect bites and even foods.

The Allergy Clinic in the Central private Hospital has been offering its services since more than 5 years. It is headed by a trained specialist having more 30 years of experience in treating asthma and allergic diseases.
The services are offered for adults, children and even infants.

The clinic offers a holistic approach for the management of allergic diseases as follows:
A detailed clinical history is obtained from the patient to know which system of the body is involved
  • Skin (itching, urticaria)

  • Cough / Asthma

  • Allergic cold (rhinitis)

  • GIT (milk allergy, oral allergy syndrome)

  • Allergy to drugs/ cosmetics

  • Others (leather, latex, pressure, cold)

  • The detailed history obtained is supplemented with special efforts to obtain history for other associated allergic disorders for which the patient may not even complain.

  • A detailed history of the patients habits, surroundings at home, outdoors, at school or place of work is obtained in a search for offending allergens.

  • The history is correlated with the local pollens prevalent in the patients environment.